Mo Soccer Academy

Coach Mo is wealth of knowledge who specialized in teaching, training, and coaching soccer techniques. He has been working and helping soccer players with different ages, 9 years old to college level, and skill level. His unique style of training, passion, dedication, and care to his players has awarded him with great reputation in developing soccer players in all aspects. Playing street soccer and traveling to more than ten countries, playing and learning from others, helped and developed his knowledge of soccer, and in 2016 after years of coaching in clubs and schools, wining different titles, he decided to launch Mo Teknekal Futbol Training to help young athletes to improve and advance their technique, knowledge, tactics, and awareness in soccer.

The ultimate goal of the program is to maximize player’s knowledge, improve their techniques and skills, understanding the game, being proactive, and improve their performance.

“What I have learned is that, like everything in life, if you want to improve and take your soccer game to next level you need to put time, be dedicated, have discipline, be ready to learn more, be patient, and learn from someone who knows the game and can motivate you.” Mo